Questions You Have to Ask Before Immigration Medical Exam

Assuming that you wish to come to Canada or apply for a visa to work or study there, you are required by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to have a medical examination before entering the country. A passing score on this test is required for most permanent residence applications and specialized temporary residency applications, such as those for employees, students, or tourists.

Immigration Medical Exams FAQs

An in-depth look at the medical checks required for permanent residence in Canada may be found in this article. To help you get started, here are a few questions you might want to ask.

What is the purpose of the medical exam?

As part of an immigration medical examination, a panel physician from immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada examines a person’s health. It is used to determine whether someone should be denied entry to Canada because of their medical condition.


An IRCC-approved medical examination will consist of the following:

  • A medical history questionnaire.
  • You must get checked out by a doctor.
  • Your panel doctor may order more tests.

Depending on your doctor’s requirements, you may be referred for further tests. A chaperone is allowed to accompany you to your appointment under the terms of your contract.


You must have a government-issued photo ID and a list of your current medications, and any other relevant medical information with you when you walk in for a physical examination. While applying for Canadian immigration, you can carry your medical test with you.

Why does Canada require it?

When it comes to getting into Canada, a person’s health is the first consideration. Immigration applicants may be denied if they pose a public health or safety risk or if their medical condition threatens to deplete Canada’s healthcare system.


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Who needs an Immigration Medical Exam?

Applicants for temporary (workers, students, and tourists) or permanent residence face different requirements. More than six months is required to be classified as a “temporary” resident. Without a certain job, you should not need to go to the doctor for a medical examination. Public health-related occupations, such as those you have frequent contact with the general public, are included in this category.


All permanent residents, including accompanying spouses, partners, and financially dependent children, must undergo medical exams before being granted permanent status.

What doctor should you go to?

Only an IRCC-approved panel physician may conduct your examination. The inability of the doctor to complete the examination (unless you are listed as a panel physician, which is unlikely). Locating an approved physician in your area may be easier with the IRCC’s help.


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What is the validity of the results of the medical exam?

The results of an IRCC medical examination are valid for a year from the examination date. This means that if your test results are older than this, you will need to retake them.

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