When Hoarding Becomes a Health Problem

Hoarding is more than just owning many things; it can also threaten one’s physical health. Homelessness, health problems, and personal safety problems are high risks for people in heavily hoarded homes.

The idea of hoarding might be funny to some people. It does, however, describe the present popularity of shows about this type of behavior. Those who enjoy seeing people who have a strong desire to collect many items.

How Hoarding Can Impact Your Health

Hoarding isn’t funny, particularly for the person who suffers from it and his family. It’s a difficult circumstance that needs instant attention. That’s because hoarding is a mental illness and a serious one at that. It is a psychological problem that can greatly affect a person’s life and even his health. The following are some of the ways why hoarding can affect you and your health:

Tripping and Falling Over Objects

Like many who struggle with hoarding disorder, the most significant danger of having so much clutter in your home is that they are always at risk of tripping and falling over anything they come across. Stacks of magazines and old newspapers can also prevent most homeowners from navigating their houses, making it challenging at best.

Stepping Over Broken Glass

Aside from tripping over piles of stuff, hoarders risk stepping on shattered glass, metal pieces, and other materials that might harm or injure them. In addition, because the amount of rubbish gathered within a home can reach enormous proportions, they may miss something dangerous lurking below. Check this website for more details.

Mold Growth

The large amount of clutter accumulated within a hoarder’s home may invite mold development. In addition, they could be gathering fabrics and papers, which are mold’s favorite foods. This type of fungi can pose a severe threat to your health, even leading to death. If you’re looking for hoarding and biohazard cleanup, visit PuroClean.

Germs’ Breeding Grounds

Hoarders’ enormous collections of stuff can become breeding grounds for germs that cause serious illness. So it was proved when the clutter cleanup crew appointed to a hoarder’s residence that was to be featured on a TV show was hospitalized. It was apparently producing harmful bacteria that might infect people.


These are just some ways that hoarding can harm a person’s health. If you notice any signs that a family member is suffering from hoarding, make sure he gets medical and professional care as quickly as possible. It’s never too late for an intervention, no matter what stage you or a loved one may be in.

There are ways to identify hoarding at an early stage, just as there are for other conditions. These early signs should be known so that you can help your loved one as soon as possible. That would be the best time to step in with this disorder because the issues and effects it causes would not be as severe at the time.

You should be informed that getting this condition addressed is not an easy task. First and foremost, a person who might be struggling with it would be the last to confess the truths. So you need to be prepared to help.