Girls in Style: Trendy Outfit Ideas They Can Wear in 2021

Tweens and teenagers are most likely the most fashion-conscious people on earth since this is the stage wherein they often experiment with self-expression. They probably wonder what it’s like to wear a pretty dress for the first time or have their nails and hair done. Fashion is their way of showing the world who they are and what they want to be. That’s why clothes are made in different styles, designs, sizes, colors, and fabrics because people have different personalities and tastes.

Though they still need your guidance, allowing your girls to choose what they want to wear builds their confidence, allows self-expression, provides them comfort, and even develops a sense of responsibility. From girls swimwear one-piece swimsuits to bright-colored tops and skinny jeans, let them shine while being comfortable and being themselves.

So, here are some trendy outfit ideas you can suggest them to wear, depending on the season:

1. Skinny Jeans and Leggings

Skinny jeans and stretchy leggings are versatile and comfortable, which are popular looks for tweens. They can be paired with many tops that they can wear from any season: long tunic-styles sweaters, graphic tees, peasant-style shirts, loose tank tops, and more. They can pair it with athletic shoes, boots, and ballet flats for their footwear.

2. Hoodies and Joggers

Both hoodies and joggers are probably the major clothes you can find in a tween or teenage girl’s closet. These can come in different styles and designs – from ultra-casual joggers to dressed-up khaki versions. Many loose-fitting hoodies and fitted or structured versions can go along with jeans or dress pants you can find these days for hoodies. 

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3. Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are not only functional, but they bring out the 90s vibe. Though they’re often simple and unembellished, they are durable, simple to style, and versatile, which can be combined with various attires.

4. Jumpsuits and Rompers

These clothes are sophisticated, which come in different patterns, styles, and colors. Their best advantage is that they usually have wide legs, so they are flowy and comfortable, especially with this age group. Stripes, polka dots, and checks are always fashionable.

5. Dresses and Cold-Shoulder Tops

These outfits are perfect for summer. Tops made up of denim, floral patterns, or ruffles look sophisticated for your tween girls. Just keep in mind to check with their school’s dress code if cold-shoulder tops are permitted. If not, you can let them wear these after school or during the spring and summer months.

6. Denim Shorts and T-shirts

A pair of these two garments is all they need during the warm weather. This outfit is stylish, cool, and comfy. You can let them use a t-shirt with a fun design for an added character to the entire attire. This can be combined with any shoes, such as sandals or sneakers.

Bear in Mind

When buying clothes for your girls, comfort is the first thing you need to consider before other factors. Another is that they grow too fast, so you do not want to end up feeling that all you do for them is shopping in the children’s section. Additionally, you do not need to look for the most expensive clothes since numerous brands are selling long-lasting and trendy garments at a budget-friendly price nowadays, like Limeapple. Limeapple sells onesies for tweens, swimwear, and many more, that come in different styles and designs to choose from.

As parents, bear in mind that kids are different, but they are conscious and know what they want to wear at their age. Your most important role is to understand their nature towards clothes and to inform them of the importance of age-appropriate clothing.