Guide to Successful Golf Event Planning

Choosing your golf course should be high on your list of priorities early in your planning. You will have to take into account your golfers’ budgets. However, the cost is not the only determining factor in your selection. Is the course challenging, yet fair? Is it known for being in excellent condition? Do they have centers for your banquet? You will most likely approach several of the local facilities. When you get the courses, inquire if they’ve got an in-house event planner. It’s always helpful to have one individual who will become your course contact. When a question arises, you are going to want a decision-maker available.  During your initial contact, request a cell phone number and an email address.

The golf course staff need to understand your preferred date(s), the number of golfers you anticipate, your arrangement (shotgun start or tee times), your schedule to the day (breakfast, lunch, refreshments during registration, dinner). You do not have to have all of the details of the day planned for this first meeting, however the more information you can give, the better understanding the staff will need of your objectives and requirements. You will wish to have an estimated budget for what you expect the course to provide and be clear about your requirements… don’t overlook beverages, lunch, prizes. Some courses will be willing to provide all-inclusive package prices while others will offer ala carte pricing. Do not neglect to inquire about fees for calculating scores, renting banquet facilities or service fees, and taxation. Ask whether the course takes a deposit. This will need to be addressed in your preparation. Are you required to register a contract or would the course pout their pricing on paper?

Request the course representative exactly what services they provide that may place them apart from other courses. Do they offer discounts on pro shop purchases, coupons for return visits, rounds of golf clubs for prizes? Are they ready to make a donation to your charity or sponsor a decoration? Can they offer any assistance in your marketing? This may have a HUGE impact on your tournament! Bear in mind, most event planners have a vested interest in your success! Here’s a great article about basketball contest coverage, check it out.

Many planners may also assist you with signage and competition ideas. It’s a fantastic idea to discuss this a few months before the event as a few custom-made logos and special order items might be necessary for the competitions. Today, there are lots of ways that special on-course competitions can call for the golfers in creative methods and include much-needed $$$ to your donations.

Some of the easier contests for volunteers to assist with are:

  • Beat the Pro
  • Pot of Gold
  • Putting Contest
  • Shootout
  • Hole-in-One Contests. Learn more by clicking here.
  • Mulligans
  • Blind Bogey

In addition, there are several unique ideas a fantastic planner can help you arrange. But remember… the course will need advance notice of most of these contests that might require more volunteers tables, tables at the putting green or driving selection, signage, measuring apparatus, volunteer carts, etc.

Ask if your course could offer sponsor signs. Some courses will print your host ads and provide low-cost tee signs. This may be an inexpensive option to having signs professionally published.

Consider your golf course that your partner. With an organized staff dedicated to serving your tournament’s needs, your golf course may be a massive portion of your success!

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We’ll answer any queries you’ve got and help you determine what the best cost is for you, and make certain you understand exactly what you have to do on your end to ensure your policy is valid. We can also help you promote the competition by providing tournament-day signage for this.