What Is a Video Door Entry System and Its Benefits to Your Home, Loved Ones, and Belongings

We all want a safe home that protects our families and belongings. Unfortunately, several burglaries tend to happen in the daytime when most people are at work. For this reason, your home can be an easy target for burglars when you’re not inside. 

The good news is that many products of modern technology help solve this problem, including a video door entry system, a home alarm system (e.g., Honeywell alarm kit), etc. 

What Is a Video Door Entry System?

Sometimes referred to as an intercom door entry system, a video door entry is an access control system that streams videos. It is designed to control who can enter a building or home and allow visitors to request property access through calls to tenants or owners. It also lets residents speak face to face to visitors through a video call before entering.

Even when you’re not on your property, you can monitor who comes to your doorsteps through an app that you install on your phone. You can then call the authorities to report potential intruders before they even enter your home. Many, like BPT gates, come with custom designs, wired systems, and fully integrated wirelessly networked solutions depending on the device’s features.

Advantages of a Video Door Entry System

1. Helps Prevent Crime 

Thieves would think twice before trespassing on your well-secured property because they don’t want to leave visual evidence behind. 

2. You Can View Who Is at Your Doorsteps

Gone are those days when homeowners used traditional intercom systems, wherein they only relied on their visitor’s voice to verify before letting them in. With modern video door entry systems, you can now see who’s in front of your door. Since not all who come to your house are criminals, you can avoid unwanted visitors without upsetting them if you say no.

3. Monitors Activities In Front of Your Home

In addition to seeing your visitors, video door entry systems also allow you to monitor whatever is happening on your property, even if you don’t need to get out of your bed. If you’re not at home, you can view who’s in front of your house and let them in if they’re a family. Some models also capture, store videos and date-stamp images so you can review footage at any stage of all activities on your property.

4. Adds Value to Your Home

Besides providing added protection to your home and family, video intercom systems also increase your property’s value. 

5. Improves Family Communication

These devices allow using audio and video communication among those living in the house without facing each other. You can speak to any room as long as you install a video intercom from another intercom device.

For instance, you don’t need to walk away from the stove if you’re cooking in your kitchen to talk to your kids who are in their bedroom upstairs. By simply pushing a button, you can easily relay your messages to anyone without yelling across rooms. 

Keep in Mind

If you live with small children, it’s important to teach them how to use your video door entry system. When buying, make sure that your outdoor system is weatherproof, waterproof, and can resist possible tampering. The video door phone should come with an alarm, which goes off when somebody attempts to or vandalizes the system.

In addition, see to it that the camera is enabled with infrared illuminators for night vision and is capable of wide coverage to ensure maximum surveillance.